Bilingual Medicare Counseling program

Provide FREE Medicare Counseling for Spanish Speaking Older Adults in Boulder County

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Karen Herrera

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Teresa DeAnni

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Bilingual Medicare Counseling program

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515 Coffman Street Longmont CO 80501

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Education, Social work, case management, casework advocacy, protective services, &/or social services, Bilingual Medicare Counseling

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During normal operations we provide monthly Medicare Basics classes and information about Fraud prevention

Latino Organization |

Organization is affiliated with UNIDOS US in Washington, DC. |

Are more than half the people served by your organization Latino or Hispanic |

Staff or Lead the organization are at least 25% Latino or Hispanic |

Board of Directors is at least 25% Latino or Hispanic |

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Dirección de la Oficina

12000 East 47th Ave., Suite 110

Denver, CO


Dirección Postal

PO Box 17932

Denver, CO 80217-0932


T: (303) 722-5150


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