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Sociedad Proteccion Mutua De Trabajadores Unidos  (S.P.M.D.T.U.)


Our Statement of Purpose

La Sociedad Protección Mutual de Trabajadores Unidos está dedicada a servir a las comunidades en las que reside. Este servicio a la comunidad se lleva a cabo, centrándose en de Conservación Cultural, Conservación de la Organización, Empeño de la Comunidad y Educación.

La Sociedad Protección Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos is dedicated to serving the communities in which it resides. This service to community is accomplished by focusing on Cultural Preservation, Organizational Preservation, Community Engagement, and Education.

The Establishment of Our Purpose

The original concepts of mutual protection and aid that were the foundation of the formation of the SPMDTU must be respected and preserved as the organization moves forward in the 21st Century. Many of the reasons for the formation of the SPMDTU no longer are concerns for current members. The SPMDTU has recently experienced a period of inactivity from some of the Concilios Locales and that has prompted the formation of a committee to examine the roles of the Concilio Superior and the Concilio Locales to develop a Statement of Purpose for La Sociedad. Members of this committee include:

Hmo. Antonio Esquibel, Concilio #7, Denver
Hmo. Félix López, Concilio #1, Antonito
Hmo. Robert Martínez, Concilio #19, Alamosa
Hmo. Manuel Salazar, Concilio #7, Denver
Hmo. Jerry Romero, Concilio #57, Nambé
Hmo. Anselmo Valerio, Concilio #18, Ranchos de Taos
Hmo. Baudilio Baca, Concilio #57, Nambé
Hmo. Richard de Olivas y Córdova, Concilio #31, Chama
Concilio #15, Placitas was not represented.

A survey of members was distributed in order to solicit opinions as to the role of the Concilio Superior and the Concilios Locales. Based on the information that was generated from the survey, members of the committee began discussing options for the Statement of Purpose. After much discussion, the committee identified four areas of focus for the Statement of Purpose. Each of these areas have their own unique elements or potential activities that help to define emphasis for each identified purpose.

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Sociedad Proteccion Mutua De Trabajadores Unidos  (S.P.M.D.T.U.)

Mailing Address |

Concilio Superior: Antonito, CO P.O. Box 27 Antonito, CO 81120

Physical Address |

603 Main Street, Antonito, CO 81120

Counties Served |

Alamosa, Conejos, Denver

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ALL, 1st, 3rd

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educational, other

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La Historia de La Sociedad Protección Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos
Date founded: November, 1900
Founder: Celedonio Mondragón
Location: Antonito, CO
Reason: Protect Hispanic land owners and combat discrimination
Current President: Frank Lopez, Concilio #57, Nambe, NM

he S.P.M.D.T.U. has been profiled in various ways. Below is a collection of literature and websites that highlight the history or the works of the S.P.M.D.T.U.

Print Media
Rivera, Jose A. La Sociedad: Guardians of Hispanic Culture along the Rio Grande. Albuquerque: U of New Mexico, 2010. Print.
Buy From UNM Press.

La Historia de la Sociedad Protección de Trabajadores Unidos. Language: Spanish. Imprint: New York, Comet Press Books, 1958.

La Voz article on Mondragon family role with S.P.M.D.T.U.

Pamphlet cover.

The Colorado History Museum also provides a comprehensive collection of works that reference our Sociedad.

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