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Parents Advocating for Local Schools

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Parents Advocating for Local Schools (PALS) is an education advocacy leadership development program. Parents come together in small cohorts to receive training on multiple advocacy opportunities within school and legislative systems. These range from increased involvement in their child’s classroom to advocating for education dollars at the State Capitol. Participants learn about school board engagement, connect with other community advocacy groups, and learn to effectively harness their social networks to promote change. As PALS identify issues that they are passionate about, advocacy plans are built and put to use in their community organizing efforts upon graduation. Childcare, translation, meals and stipends are provided and meeting times are set by participants.



Parents Advocating for Local Schools (PALS) mobilizes parents to seek equal educational opportunity for Latino children and youth. PALS first began training volunteer advocates in Spanish in 2018.  Training for both English- and Spanish-speaking parents will begin in Febuary of 2020 in Denver’s Montbello neighborhood.  PALS is designed to help parents advocate for improved education opportunities for their children in schools serving low-wealth, low-income neighborhoods and communities in Colorado. 

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