New Latino Public Policy Network!  

This growing new network helps Latino organizations in Colorado
• Find partners who support their policy and legislative goals,
• Obtain research reports, summaries, analyses, and fact sheets on policy issues affecting Latino communities, and
• Build coalitions and collaborate with other organizations.

CLLARO will provide training and information to network members concerning advocacy and lobbying by IRC §501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, upon request. 

Three categories of Network membership are available. To join, contact, (303) 722-5150 ext. 110, or P.O. Box 17932, Denver, CO 80217

CLLARO expanded its services during the COVID-19 pandemic to help Latino individuals and families get tested and vaccinated, find affordable health care, and receive assistance with a wide range of problems related to the pandemic’s disproportionately large economic impacts on Latinos.  We help affected Latinos experiencing food insecurity, housing eviction, health or mental health problems, wage theft, or needs for protective services, by connecting them with trusted, culturally competent service providers.

A new resource navigator program targeting Latino elders in need of assistance is under development.